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Insurance Agents and Brokers

The most powerful AMS designed to replace outdated and expensive legacy systems.

The Industry's first AI Voice Activated Agency Management Platform called AMP. 

Agency Management Platform

Technologically advanced with AI!
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      Wow! Another Industry First by Quikfuzion!
    AI Data Conversions by Anthropic Claude v3

Gone are the days of laborious, error-prone tasks that consumed precious agency time for months on end. Thanks to Quikfuzion's revolutionary Generative AI, transferring data from top agency management systems to AMP is now lightning-fast and remarkably precise. Say goodbye to ancient inefficiencies and embrace the future of seamless data integration.

We use AI to pull and convert data from the leading agency management systems.


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From API integrations to powerful Generative AI - AMP has it all.

Don't let our low price fool you!  AMP boasts state-of-the-art technology untethered by legacy constraints, enabling Quikfuzion to offer agents cutting-edge features at  costs only legacy systems can dream about, while harnessing the power of Generative AI.

Agency Testimonials

Fill out ACORD forms via Voice!
Amazon Strong and Secure
Amazon's Claude 3 Generative AI

Very easy to use.

As a prior user of a major competitor, switching to AMP was painless and the staff loves the workflow and simplicity compared to our last system.

Robert C

Agency Owner

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