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Joseph King

Sound Shore Holdings is a significant shareholder and is wholly owned by Joseph N. King. Mr. King was a founding member of the management team of Aeolus Reinsurance Ltd., a Bermuda-based reinsurance company founded in July 2006, and its Chief Underwriting officer for the duration of his tenure. During Mr. King’s 4-year tenure, Aeolus Reinsurance became one of the most profitable mid to large size start-up reinsurance companies in the history of the industry. Mr. King was also a member of the original management team of Arch Capital Group Ltd., one of the world’s foremost insurance and reinsurance companies. Mr King assisted with the transformation of Arch into a major participant in the worldwide insurance and reinsurance marketplace, with the company’s market capitalization increasing from approximately $135 million to nearly $3 billion. Mr King was named the head of the treaty property department of Arch Reinsurance Co., the US reinsurer within the group. Under his leadership the department grew from $0 to $250M in annual revenue, with annual profits above $30M. Mr King graduated from Franklin and Marshall college with a dual degree in Business Administration and Economics.

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